REPLAY: The Power of Graduation

The technique of graduation within haircutting is an incredibly powerful tool to build weight
into a shape. With a deep understanding of what it is and how to control it, we can really
elevate our haircuts and the silhouettes we create! In this two-hour interactive workshop
Andrew Carruthers, Education Director for Sam Villa, will explore the world of graduation in
depth to help you discover:
  • Most importantly… what is graduation?
  • How to build strong graduation that fits the headshape
  • What to do to avoid bulky looking graduation
  • When and where to use graduation to shift weight balance in all lengths of hair
  • How do vertical, horizontal, and diagonal sections effect graduation
  • Problems and Solutions based on real salon guest interaction
  • The answers to your challenges and questions in real time
Grab a mannequin and follow along to get a hands-on experience while interacting and asking
questions live with Andrew. Can’t make it to the Live class? No worries, your class ticket allows
you to come back and watch the recording of the class at your leisure and you have lifetime
access to re-watch and review!
More about the event:
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